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Plastic Chicken Transport Box, Live Chicken Transfer Box

Plastic Chicken Transport Box, Live Chicken Transfer Box

Product name:Plastic Chicken Transport Box, Live Chicken Transfer Box



      Plastic Chicken Transport Box, Live Chicken Transfer Box

Product Description:

Plastic chicken transport box, live chicken transfer box 

1. Specifications: External dimensions 750 × 550 × 270mm 

2 Scope:  slaughterhouses, transport contractors carrying wool chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigeons, pheasants and other animals with live poultry. 

3. Structure: - 
A. Rectangular grid structure, shaped pore bottom in meters, bearing performance, and can effectively avoid the live chicken, rabbit scrapes, bruises rectangular structure is conducive to loading, unloading, improve work efficiency. 
B. Self-locking assembled without screw fastening, easy disassembly. 
C. Body above the cage door with push-pull, the unique rail design for easy kennel free closure. 

4. Use: A single case load of 50 kg or more, can be installed about 12 chickens; Transportation can be stacked eight, not deformed. 

5. Materials: Modified polyethylene, contains anti-aging agents, anti-oxidants, high resistance material. 

6...Color: General color is yellow with white lid. 

7. New plastic transport cages, the cage ventilation, suitable for long-distance transport of broilers, modeling is reasonable, easy to clean, durable economy, including the use of three year.


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