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Q - The chicks in my machine are fully formed, some pipped, but did not hatch. (late death) What went wrong?
A - This common problem can be caused by many factors. The most frequent cause is incorrect humidity – usually too high. 

Q - The chicks in my machine are only part formed (very early death) What went wrong?
A - Again number of possible causes: turning failure, bacterial infection in incubator, temperature fluctuations, power failure or problems with parent stock (e.g. in-breeding, poor nutrition).

Q - The power has gone off. How long will the eggs be OK for?
A - Generally for a period of up to an hour. If the unit is well insulated and the temperature doesn’t drop too much this could be longer. Our machine can keep about 3 to 4hrs

Q - How often should eggs be turned?
A - It is recommended that poultry, game and waterfowl eggs are turned a minimum of twice a day – ideally more often. Automatic turning is often hourly. Some species (parrots and birds of prey) need tuning at least every hour.

Q - How long can I leave the chick in the incubator after they have hatched ?
A - Leave the chicks in the incubator until their down is dry – usually about 24 hours. They will not require food or drink in that time.

Q - Should I spray the eggs during incubation or when they are due to hatch ?
A - Spraying only increases humidity for a very short time and will not ‘soften’ the egg shell. Spraying eggs can also transmit or spread infection and is therefore not recommended. The main effect it has on the egg is to cool it as the water evaporates. There is some evidence that periodic cooling can improve hatch results but this should be achieved in other ways (e.g. leave the lid open for half an hour per day).

Q- When I set the eggs which way up should they be?
A - It is essential that eggs are set so that the round end upwards or they are on their sides.

Q - I am confused about the correct temperature for my eggs. I have been told different temperatures by different people. How can I be sure which is correct?
A - Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions as different types of incubators may require different settings. 


Q - When should I stop the turning ?
A - Turning should be stopped and the machine set level 2-3 days before the eggs are due to hatch.

Q - What is the correct humidity level for incubation.
A - Generally for poultry it is between 40-50% and for Parrots 35-45%

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